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NARLabs Leads Taiwan 3D Printing Medical Materials Team Advance to World
Cup, Teamwork to Build Up Biotech Industry Value

For the first time, Taiwan's 3D metal printing artificial joint advances to the international market! Facilitated by National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs), ThinTech Materials Technology Company (TTMC), Taiwan's first 3D metal printing powder manufacturer passing biomedical grade preclinical animal testing, integrating with Tongtai Machine & Tool Company's self-development 3D metal printing equipment, successfully printed medical products and passed international ISO-10993 biocompatibility standard and got a ticket to the international market. Moreover, Renishaw, 3D SYSTEMS and EOS 3D metal printing equipment international manufacturers will apply TTMC's 3D metal printing powder to conduct technical cooperation to create more business opportunities. Taiwan biomedical technology precisely advances to the world cup!

In recent years, 3D printing technology has been widely applied in the medical industry. Taking artificial joint as example, not only breaking past process restrictions and shortening production period, most importantly, with surface treatment pore design, 3D printing artificial joints can also accelerate bone cells growth and meet practical clinical needs to help patients recovering quickly. According to Business Monitor International (BMI) statistics, the global medical equipment market size is USD3,239 billions in 2015 and estimated up to USD3,825 billions in 2018. In 2015, the global market size of the artificial joint is USD15.4 billions. The industrial value keeps soaring. The remarkable achievement of printing artificial joint under industry, academia, research and medical cooperation, will contribute new energy to Taiwan's biomedical technology industry.

Teamwork to Light Up Taiwan Medical Materials Industry Hope Torch

NARLabs held "3D Printing Medical Materials Advance to World Cup" torch lighting ceremony and "NARLabs/ Tongtai Machine & Tool/ China Steel/ ThinTech Materials/ United Orthopedic 3D Printing Medical Materials Achievements” exhibition in Huashan1914 Creative Park in Taipei today. After many years of development, Taiwan medical devices have been the fastest growing fields among Taiwan's biotech industry, in which 3D printing medical materials gets the most attention. Therefore, the torch lighting ceremony today is of great significance to the industry. Including Dr. Jer-Liang Yeh and Dr. Shih-Torng Ding, Deputy Executive Secretary of Office of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan, Dr. San-Cheng Chang, Chairman of Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry, Yu-Ru Chu, Vice Section Leader of Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Ministry of Health and Welfare,Dr. Wanjiun Liao, Director General of Engineering and Technologies Department, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Legislator, Chih-Chieh Hsu, Frank Huang, Chairman of Taiwan Medical and Biotech Industry Association, Dr. Hao-Hueng Chang of Association for Dental Sciences, Dr. Bor-Luen Chiang, Vice Superintendent of National Taiwan University Hospital, Dr. Lihui Yang, Vice Superintendent of China Medical University Hospital and distinguished representatives of domestic and foreign manufacturers all gathered together on the World Cup Torch Stage, a symbol of determination and endeavor, to light up the hope for the future of Taiwan medical materials industry and witness a new era coming!

First Safety Certified 3D Metal Printing Powder in Taiwan Far Exceeding Standard

Until now, American Food and Drug Administration does not yet have a clear specification for 3D metal printing powder. Facilitated by Instrument Technology Research Center (ITRC) of NARLabs, ThinTech Materials (TTMC) conducted a series of certified bio-safety tests and managed to be first Taiwan manufacturer passing preclinical animal trials for biomedical grade 3D printing metal powder. Moreover, integrating with Tongtai Machine & Tool Company's self-development 3D metal printing equipment, TTMC had successfully manufactured 3D printing materials and met ISO-10993 strict biocompatibility regulations as well as ASTM's international standard. This pioneering achievement would lay the strong foundation for Taiwan 3D printing medical materials development.

President of ThinTech Materials (TTMC), Jye-Long Lee, said that TTMC has been committed to develop key materials for the optoelectronics industry at home and abroad. By collaborating with NARLabs and local top teams, TTMC successfully took first step to transform and involve in biomedical industry. In the future, TTMC will continue technology exchange with domestic and international manufacturers to develop lighter and more valuable titanium powder materials to promote to international market and boost Taiwan's economy.

Tsan-Ying Ho, Technology Vice President of China Steel Co (CSC), the largest shareholder of TTMC, pointed out that China Steel has been capable of supplying titanium alloy to biomedical and aerospace fields. For biomedical 3D printing application, CSC invested in titanium alloy plate development and mass production to meet the quality requirements of bone graft. CSC's titanium alloy products have passed five biocompatibility testing and met biomedical grade standard. At the same time, CSC is actively engaged in biomedical certification and is expected to get ISO-13485 quality management system certification for medical devices by end of 2016. CSC will officially involve in biomedical materials supply chain, and declare to be the strongest support for Taiwan's 3D printing medical materials to establish a leading Taiwan brand!

TTMC's metal powders have passed biocompatibility test prior to printing. Additionally, the final print products repeatedly passed biocompatible test as well as structural strength certification. Top quality and multiple safety certifications have gained recognition from 3D metal printing equipment international manufacturers, Renishaw, 3D SYSTEMS and EOS. They decide to use TTMC's 3D metal printing powders for their print medical products and conduct cross-border cooperation. Letter of intent signing ceremony between TTMC and Renishaw, 3D SYSTEMS, and EOS was held today and witnessed by NARLabs, ITRC, Taiwan Medical and Biotech Industry Association, Association for Dental Sciences, Medgaea Life Sciences, and UL International Safety Certification. All together witnessed the determination of promoting Taiwan 3D printing medical materials industry.

Alliance to Achieve Taiwan 3D Printing Medical Materials New Milestone

NARLabs established "NARLabs Medical Instrument Value Creation Alliance" headquarter in 2014 in Hsinchu Biomedical Park for promoting the development of Taiwan 3D printing medical materials industry, equipped with biological materials, cell verification, electrical safety, biomedical chip and 3D printing core laboratories and provide high-end medical materials research and development services. Through the integration of medical materials industry supply chain, NARLabs provides total solutions to technical, validation, regulatory, and clinical problems. It aims to construct a strong innovation ecosystem to promote medical materials commercialization, and link with international market to open new opportunities for Taiwan medical materials.

Biomedical industry is viewed as a rising star in Taiwan. Safety inspection and certification prior to medical devices launch is extremely crucial. As a result of conforming to strict safety standards, Taiwan 3D printing medical materials are more reliable and safer, and have gained the trust and recognition from international manufacturers. In the future, Taiwan 3D printing medical materials will move toward human trials, a new milestone for Taiwan brands stepping into the global stage and build up new energy for Taiwan economic development.

2016/10/20 updated