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The Beginning of a New Era
Inauguration of ITRC New Director General, Dr. Yao-Joe Joseph Yang

On February 2, 2017, National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs) formally installed the new Director General of Instrument Technology Research Center (ITRC), Dr. Yao-Joe Joseph Yang, Distinguished Professor of Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University. Dr. Yeong-Her Wang, President of NARLabs hosted the installation ceremony and anticipated Dr. Yang continuing to lead ITRC to be important communication bridge for industry, academy and research institution and build ITRC as core R&D base for domestic vacuum, optical and precision manufacturing technology.

Dr. Yang received his bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from National Taiwan University, earned his M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA and M.S.E. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He joined Coventor Inc. in Cambridge, MA in 1999 and back to Taiwan joined the faculty of Department of Mechanical Engineering of National Taiwan University in 2000 and served as Department Chairman for six years since 2011. Dr. Yang has been selected as board directors for many domestic and overseas research organizations and had been awarded Outstanding Young Researcher Award from National Science Council, Outstanding Researcher Award from National Taiwan University, and Outstanding Research Award from Ta-You Wu Memorial Award of National Science Council.

Dr. Yang brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in Microelectromechanical Systems, Nanotechnology, High-precision Micromachining, Flexible Sensing Arrays Sensor Network, Paralleling Processing, Semiconductor Devices and Vacuum Microelectronics Modeling and more and has close connection and cooperation with industry, including Mediatek, Foxconn, and Syntec Technology, specialized in PC-based CNC controllers. Research projects included the design and fabrication of nano/micro-devices, sensor arrays, smart and sustainable mechatronic system, biomedical chips, optical communication devices, MEMS/NEMS dynamics measurement techniques, MEMS EDA and so on. Dr. Yang's outstanding background in automation and precision electromechanical integration will help him bring fresh perspective to ITRC end goals to build up relative research platform, strength cooperation with domestic industry, academy and research institute and promote Taiwan precision mechanical instrument technology.

Former Director General of ITRC, Dr. Jer-Liang Andrew Yeh, has been transferred to be Deputy Executive Secretary, Office of Science & Technology, Executive Yuan in August 2016, and Dr. Fong-Zhi Chen, Deputy Director General had been acting Director General since then.

Dr. Fong-Zhi Chen, Deputy Director General (left), Dr. Yeong-Her Wang, President of NARLabs (middle), and Dr. Yao-Joe Joseph Yang, Distinguished Professor of National Taiwan University (right).

2017/2/15 updated