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AIDC collaborates with NARLabs and Siemens
To actively drive Aerospace Industry and Research Cooperation

Aerospace Industrial Development Corp. (AIDC), National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs) and Siemens Limited held "Aerospace Intelligent Machinery / Manufacturing" MOA signing ceremony at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center in the afternoon of March 9. Chairman of AIDC, Jung-Hsin Liao, President of NARLabs, Dr. Yeong-Her Wang, and Vice President of Siemens, Dr. Ken Cheng represented to ink the agreement.

The cooperation agreement was separately signed by AIDC with NARLabs, domestic science R&D hub, and Siemens, pioneer of global industry 4.0. Both NARLabs and Siemens have abundant R&D capability can be strong backing for domestic aerospace industry development. With own advantages, both parties will establish strong cooperative partnerships in intelligent machinery / manufacturing.

Chairman of AIDC, Jung-Hsin Liao said "facing the challenges of the future aerospace industry and mission of manufacturing new advanced jet trainer domestically, AIDC continues to enhance its capabilities in design, R&D, manufacturing to strengthen the competitive capability. Through the industry and research cooperation with NARLabs and Siemens, getting assistance from NARLabs' research experts and Siemens' experience in smart machinery problem solutions. All parties make effort together to focus more on issues to benefit industry, such as big data analysis, automatic optical inspection, information security, domestic tools machine performance efficiency, controller research and testing platform and personnel training, etc.

President of NARLabs, Dr. Yeong-Her Wang expressed that "National Center for High-performance Computing of NARLabs is equipped with powerful research strength in data storage and information security, big data analysis technology to monitor machine behavior, and machine learning / deep learning. Instrument Technology Research Center of NARLabs has leading technology in precision machining and optical inspection, and machine vision integration. The cooperation between NARLabs and AIDC can certainly upgrade AIDC's technical level, and strengthen Taiwan aerospace industry's international competitiveness."

Vice President of Siemens, Dr. Ken Cheng pointed out that "Currently, the biggest challenge aerospace industry faces is how to produce more aircrafts in the shortest possible time to cope with the increasing huge aviation needs under trend of globalization. In addition, new aircrafts require lightweight, speed and fuel efficiency. Accordingly, from product design, production planning, engineering, implementation and quality certification, overall manufacturing process needs more stringent requirements. As a reliable partner and system supplier for the automation and tooling industry, Siemens is committed to providing customers with solutions and recruit top high-tech experts in aerospace industry to facilitate the development of complete production cycle. We are convinced that through the cooperation and communication with industry leading machine manufacturers and systems engineering companies, while improving the process capability, we will be able to provide the most appropriate solutions to solve the challenges aerospace industry faces."

Chairman of AIDC, Jung-Hsin Liao, reiterated "Aerospace industry is considered as a standard of a national industry development level and also undertakes the missions of national defense and economic development. All advanced countries pay great attention to the industry, and Taiwan government has targeted intelligent machinery and defense aerospace industry as national strategic industries, which plays an important key element to the future success of AIDC. The cooperation agreement with NARLabs and Siemens is only a beginning. In the future, not only AIDC, but also its' domestic supply chain partners can effectively and quickly expand. Through duplicating AIDC experience and management model and integrating resources from various fields to drive technological transformation of spare parts suppliers, team up to uplift Taiwan's competitive strength and stand firmly in the top level of global aerospace industry."

President of NARLabs, Dr. Yeong-Her Wang (left), Chairman of AIDC, Jung-Hsin Liao (middle), and Vice President of Siemens, Dr. Ken Cheng (right)

Photo of representatives from AIDC, NARLabs and Siemens

2017/5/2 updated