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"NARLabs Smart Machinery Competition" -
ASME SPDC the Robot Pentathlon Team "Prize Not Awarded(從缺)" of NTHU Won First Prize

Students in the fields of Electrical Engineering (EE) and Mechanical Engineering (ME) from Taiwan top universities showcased young students' innovation and manufacturing skills on March 26, 2017. Team "Prize Not Awarded (從缺) " from National Tsing-Hua University (NTHU), consisting of students from EE, Power ME and Physics departments, won first prize and NT$50,000 in "NARLabs Smart Machinery Competition", a student design competition. Hsiao, Jen-Hsuan from Power Mechanical Engineering department of NTHU, won first prize and NT$10,000 in oral presentation competition.

"NARLabs Smart Machinery Competition" is a Student Professional Development Conferences (SPDC) organized by Instrument Technology Research Center (ITRC, NARLabs) in collaboration with American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Taiwan Section. The title of the design competition this year is "The Robot Pentathlon: Citius, Altius, Ingenious". Total 12 teams from 5 schools participated in the design competition, and 4 students signed up for oral presentation competition. Team and individual that place first at the competitions proceed to ASME regional SPDC. First place winners at the regional competitions will be invited to compete at the Finals at the ASME's International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE)

All the competition teams must build a remotely controlled device to compete against others in five different events: sprint, lift, throw, climb and hit. The completion challenges the technical design skills to create a robot that is fast, strong, and agile. Each team is awarded a place for each of the five events. The overall champion will be determined from the sum of all five places from the five events. The lowest total is the winner. Team "Prize Not Awarded" (從缺) from NTHU won first place. Team "Solar Fighter" from Minghsin University of Science and Technology won second place, and Team "Professor is the best thing in the world" from NTHU won honorable mention award. "NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS (NI) Special Awards" newly added this year, were awarded to Team "Great Machine" from National Taiwan University and the joint team "Thor" from Chung Yuan Christian University and National Taiwan Normal University.

Oral Presentation Competition is designed to emphasize the value of an ability to deliver clear, concise and effective oral presentations, particularly pertaining to some researches in which the student is involved. The subject matter of each presentation must address an engineering theme. Each presentation and Q&A must be delivered in English. Hsiao, Jen-Hsuan from NTHU, possessed a well-developed ability to analyze issues logically and communicate effectively and won the approval from all judges and was awarded the first prize. Kuo, Yin-Ting from National Central University won the second prize and NT$5,000.

"NARLabs Smart Machinery Competition", the student design competition, inspires students' innovation and manufacturing skills with smart machine. Each team is required to design, construct and operate a prototype meeting the requirement of an annually determined problem statement. They enable engineering students to expand their knowledge, test and showcase new skills and inspire innovation. "Implementation" is the key spirit of the competition and plays an essential role in innovation. From imagination to implementation, through repeated thinking, planning and manufacturing, the process of finding a best solution can inspire the creativity for new technology. In order for society to benefit from the latest advances in technology, innovative manufacturing techniques will be required.

2017 "NARLabs Smart Machinery Competition" Prize List

Student Design Competition
PrizeTeamSchool and Department
First PlacePrize not awarded
National Tsing-Hua University Electrical Engineering, Power Mechanical Engineering and Physics Department
Second PlaceSolar Fighter
Minghsin University of Science and Technology, Mechanical Engineering Department
Honorable MentionProfessor is the best thing in the world
National Tsing-Hua University, Power Mechanical Engineering, Physics, and Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management Department
"NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS" Special AwardsGreat Machine
National Taiwan University, Mechanical Engineering Department
Chung Yuan Christian University, Electronic Engineering Department
National Taiwan Normal University, Department of Tech Application and HR Development

Oral Presentation Competition
PrizeNameSchool and Department
First PlaceHsiao, Jen-Hsuan
National Tsing-Hua University, Power Mechanical Engineering Department
Second PlaceKua, Yun-Ting
National Central University, Department of Mechanical Engineering

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