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International Collaboration

Collaboration between RIKEN from Japan and ITRC, NARL from Taiwan

Research Topic:
Three Dimensional Optical Metamaterials

Project member:
Taiwan side: Dr. Che-Chin Chen and Mr. Yu-Hsiang Tang
Instrument Technology Research Center (ITRC), NARL

Japan side: PI/Dr. Takuo Tanaka and Dr. Atsushi Ishikawa
Metamaterials Laboratory, RIKEN

Research of interest

Optical responses of materials are the consequence of the scattering properties of their constitutions. Metamaterial is a new class of artificial materials made by building up sub-wavelength structures in pre-designed spatial arrangements. Unprecedented optical functionalities, such as negative refractive index and subwavelength imaging, may be created by tailoring the shape and materials composition of the artificial atoms in metamaterials, i.e. meta-atoms. In this joint research, we aim for developing three dimensional split ring resonators in infrared and optical regime. This stereo-metamaterial is the critical issue for broader applications. We anticipate our result will be a breakthrough for realizing the concepts of metamaterials into real-component.

2013/7/31 updated