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Team Member

Optomechanics in Semiconductor Systems Division

0226.jpg Dr. Chen, Fong Zhi
Acting Director General / Division Director
    1. Opto-Mechatronic system
    2. Vacuum Technology
    3. CAD/CAM
    4. Kinematics
    5. Robotics and Automatic
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 101
Email: chen

0437.jpg Dr. Tseng, Shih-Feng
Research Fellow / Group Leader
    1. Opto-mechanical system design
    2. System Integration and test
    3. Laser processing technology
    4. Development of semiconductor precision components and system
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 227
Email: tsengsf

0526.jpg Dr. Hsu, Ming-Ying
Research Fellow
    1. Computational fluid dynamics
    2. Optomechanical analysis
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 629
Email: myhsu

0453.jpg Chen, Chih-Wen
Associate Researcher
    1. Near IR spectrometer and analysis
    2. Design for electro-optics instruments system
    3. Mechanic-optics design
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 225
Email: chihwenchen

0506.jpg Lin, Wei-Cheng
Associate Researcher
Specialty: Optomechanical design and assembly
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 626
Email: youngboys

0561.jpg Blake Chen
Associate Researcher / Group Leader
    1. Aerodynamic analysis
    2. Project management for system development
    3. System design and analysis
    4. Image processing
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 657
Email: mfchen

0709.jpg Dr. Huang, Jiun-Woei
Associate Researcher
    1. Optical design
    2. Optical Component and System measurement
    3. Infar-red Technology
    4. Fiber Optic Gyro
    5. Fiber Sensing
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 628
Email: jwhuang

0623.jpg Chou, Chih-Chung
Assistant Researcher
    1. Digital Image Processing
    2. BIOS Firmware
    3. Android Software Development
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 580
Email: cchou

0695.jpg Ruthfer Chen
Assistant Researcher
Specialty: Optical Design
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 108
Email: ruthferc

0755.jpg Chang, Fei-Peng
Assistant Engineer
    1. Mechanical design
    2. Mechanical tolerance analysis
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 565
Email: fpchang

0809.jpg Lin, Yi-Hao
Assistant Researcher
    1. Image processing
    2. Machine vision applications
    3. Robotic arm applications
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 322
Email: yihaolin

0820.jpg Lin, Chen-Chang
Assistant Engineer
    1. AOI System Integration
    2. Automated Software Design
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 346
Email: anderson_lin

0635.jpg Chung, Chien-Kai
Research Assistant
    1. Electrical circuit design
    2. System integration and application
    3. Microprocessor development system design
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 592
Email: moumouken

0132.jpg Chang, Yu-Ting
Senior Technician
Specialty: Precision Optics Fabrication and Inspection
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 408
Email: yhchang

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