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Team Member

Biomedical Platform and Incubation Services Division

0329.jpg Yu, Chih-Sheng
Associate Researcher / Division Director
    1. Bio-MEMS
    2. Micro-fluidics
    3. Biomedical system
TEL: 03-6676822 Ext. 3121
Email: ycs

0325.jpg Dr. Shiao, Ming-Hua
Research Fellow / Deputy Division Director
    1. Thin film process and microstructure analysis
    2. Electron microscopy
TEL: 03-6676822 Ext. 2071
Email: mhshiao

0660.jpg Liu, An-Shun
Principle Engineer
    1. Technology Management
    2. System Engineering
    3. Product Assurance
TEL: 03-6676822 Ext. 2131
Email: alanliu

0661.jpg Pan, Hsu-Pin
Research Fellow
    1. System engineer
    2. System verification and validation
    3. Mechanical design and Environmental test
TEL: 03-6676822 Ext. 3164
Email: panhp

0304.jpg Chang, Chun-Ming
Associate Researcher
    1. Thin film process and microstructure analysis
    2. MEMS Technology
TEL: 03-6676822 Ext. 3030
Email: gmp

0322.jpg Hu, Yi-Chiuen
Associate Researcher
    1. Biomedical instrument system
    2. MEMS process
    3. Nano-structure developing and applying
TEL: 03-6676822 Ext. 3071
Email: joseph

0442.jpg Huang, Tai-Lun
Associate Engineer
Specialty: Digital Circuit Design
TEL: 03-6676822 Ext. 575
Email: terence

0473.jpg Dr. Wang, Jun-Sheng
Associate Researcher
    1. Photo-electrochemcial detection
    2. Chemical sensor and biosensor
    3. Instrument developing and Integrating
TEL: 03-6676822 Ext. 3061
Email: jason

0484.jpg Huang, Tsung-Tao
Associate Researcher
    1. Molecular biology and biochemistry analysis
    2. Biomedical system application
    3. Protein expression and purification
TEL: 03-6676822 Ext. 3063
Email: tthuang

0508.jpg Tang, Yu-Hsiang
Associate Researcher
    1. MEMS Technology
    2. SiO2 Deep Etching Microfabrication Technology
    3. Direct Methanol Fuel Cell
TEL: 03-6676822 Ext. 3062
Email: sky520830

0556.jpg Lu, Yen-Pei
Associate Researcher
    1. Molecular biology related experience
    2. Biochips for cell
    3. Licensed veterinarian
TEL: 03-6676822 Ext. 3051
Email: ypl

0657.jpg Frances Chen
Specialty: Business Administration
TEL: 03-6676822 Ext. 3082
Email: franceschen

0662.jpg Dr. Chen, Shou-I
Associate Researcher
    1. Biomedical engineering
    2. medical image system
    3. image process
    4. Biomechanical analysis, mechanical design
TEL: 03-6676822 Ext. 3162
Email: shoui

0708.jpg Vincent Chou
Associate Engineer
    1. Facility Systems Engineering
    2. ESH management
TEL: 03-6676822 Ext. 3029
Email: vincentch

0742.jpg Lin, Yi-Mei
Associate Researcher
Specialty: Incubation Management
TEL: 03-6676822 Ext. 2111
Email: ymlin

0245.jpg Lin, Ping Hung
Assistant Engineer
    1. Instrument maintenance
    2. Vacuum Equipment Testing
    3. Design for Vacuum system
TEL: 03-6676822 Ext. 3033
Email: lbh

0673.jpg Dr. Li, Yu-Ting
Assistant Researcher
Specialty: Biomedical and electrical circuit design
TEL: 03-6676822 Ext. 3035
Email: ytl

0689.jpg Dr. Lin, Shuian-Yin
Assistant Researcher
    1. Polymeric Biomaterial
    2. Drug Control Release
    3. Gene Delivery
    4. Integration and Incubation
TEL: 03-6676822 Ext. 2122
Email: sylin

0696.jpg Han, Hancock
Research Assistant
    1. Molecular Biological Techniques
    2. genetic engineering
TEL: 03-6676822 Ext. 3022
Email: 1409696

0706.jpg Norman Huang
Assistant Engineer
    1. Medical device quality system establishment
    2. Regulation and Risk analysis
TEL: 03-6676822 Ext. 3036
Email: 1409706

0707.jpg Chiang, Nai-Yuan
Engineering Assistant
    1. Programming
    2. Computer Vision
    3. Medical Image and Biomedical Signal Analysis
    4. Mass Spectrum Analysis
    5. Image Processing
    6. Signal Processing.
TEL: 03-6676822 Ext. 3032
Email: 1409707

0715.jpg Hsieh, Chiao- Ling
Research Assistant
Specialty: Biomedical signal analysis
TEL: 03-6676822 Ext. 2037
Email: clhsieh

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