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Team Member

Biomedical and Lithography System Division

0251.jpg Dr. Huang, Kuo-Cheng
Research Fellow / Division Director
    1. Optic design
    2. Optical components testing and fabrication
    3. Laser machining
    4. Ultra-precision machining
    5. System integrated
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 226
Email: huangkc

0507.jpg Hung, Min-Wei
Associate Engineer/ Deputy Division Director
    1. Automatical control
    2. Mechanical design
    3. Electrical circuit design
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 326
Email: niiat

0543.jpg Dr. Chang, Han-Chao
Research Fellow
    1. Optical-related and implanted medical device to market
    2. Deviceˇ¦s senior coordinator of TFDA
    3. Human-computer interaction and customer loyalty
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 610
Email: roman

0555.jpg Dr. Chiang, Don Yau
Research Fellow
    1. Manufacturing and design of optical micro projection and optical data storage
    2. Optical Measuring and simulation calculation of multi-layer thin-film material
    3. Molding design and manufacturing of magnetic plastic components
    4. Patent Authorization
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 582
Email: dony

0593.jpg Dr. Hsiao, Wen-Tse
Research Fellow
    1. Laser machining technology and system design
    2. System integration and control technology
    3. Error measurement and compensation for feeding system
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 594
Email: wentse

0239.jpg Yang, Ching-Ching
Research Fellow
    1. The LED Yellow-Ring Measurement
    2. Program Management
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 317
Email: sophie

0709.jpg Dr. Huang, Jiun-Woei
Associate Researcher
    1. Optical design
    2. Optical Component and System measurement
    3. Infar-red Technology
    4. Fiber Optic Gyro
    5. Fiber Sensing
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 628
Email: jwhuang

0362.jpg Dr. Lin, Yu-Hsuan
Associate Researcher
    1. Nano surface inspection technology
    2. Nano-plasmonics
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 338
Email: marklin

0515.jpg Yang, Jr-Jung
Associate Engineer
    1. ICP-RIE process technology
    2. SU-8 thick photoresist process technology
    3. Electroforming process technology
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 617
Email: jjyang

0622.jpg Tsai, Hsin-Yi
Associate Researcher
    1. Human-machine interface development
    2. Digital image processing
    3. Automatical control
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 634
Email: kellytsai

0641.jpg Dr. Tang, Ya-Wen
Assistant Researcher
    1. Non-linear and non-stationary signal processing
    2. Denoising and Feature Extraction
    3. Signal and System Design
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 613
Email: yawen

0713.jpg Chuang, Wen-Ning
Research Assistant
    1. Human-machine interface development
    2. Digital image processing
    3. Electrical circuit design
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 573
Email: wnchuang

0737.jpg Li, Cheng-Ru
Research Assistant
    1. utomatical control
    2. Human-machine interface development
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 319
Email: chengru

0782.jpg Hsu, Chih-Ning
Research Assistant
    1. C language
    2. MATLAB
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 575
Email: 1609782

0783.jpg Lin, Yi-Cheng
Research Assistant
    1. Electronic circuit design
    2. Programming of digital signal processor
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 632
Email: yicheng

0864.jpg Chen, Rou-Jhen
Research Assistant
    1. UNIX/Linux System management
    2. Red Hat Certified Engineer
    3. Embedded Linux System
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 108
Email: 1709864

0871.jpg Yeh, Hsiu-Yu
Research Assistant
    1. Auto CADˇBSoildworks
    2. LabVIEW
    3. Heat Exchanger
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 625
Email: 1709871

0872.jpg Chao, Liang-Chieh
Research Assistant
    1. Electronic circuit design
    2. Battery Management System
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 574
Email: 1709872

0879.jpg Ma, Chia-Lien
Research Assistant
    1. Liquid crystal microspheres
    2. Electrospinning
    3. Optical simulation
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 591
Email: 1809879

0892.jpg Su, Fang-Chi
Research Assistant
    1. photo lithography Process
    2. Electronchemical Sensor
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext.
Email: 1809892

0132.jpg Chang, Yu-Ting
Senior Technician
Specialty: Precision Optics Fabrication and Inspection
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 408
Email: yhchang

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