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Team Member

Image Inspection & Analysis Team

0235.jpg Dr. Hwang, Chi-Hung
Research Fellow / Division Director
    1. System Integration
    2. Precision Mechanical Measuring
    3. Laser Machining and Measuring Application
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 327
Email: chhwang

0353.jpg Dr. Liu, Da-Ren
Research Fellow / Group Leader
    1. Solid State Physics
    2. Thin film growth and measurement
    3. Vacuum System
    4. Nanomaterial manufacturing technique
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 106
Email: daren

0200.jpg Dr. Lee, Long-Jeng
Research Fellow
    1. Hyperspectral Imager
    2. Spectrometer
    3. Scanning Acoustic Microscope
    4. Spectroscopy
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 325
Email: ljlee

0412.jpg Dr. Lin, Chun-Fu
Associate Researcher
Specialty: CCD electronic circuit design
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 554
Email: vincent

0472.jpg Dr. Sze, Jyh-Rou
Associate Researcher
    1. Diffraction optics
    2. Non-image optics
    3. Planar-integrated optics
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 618
Email: sze

0477.jpg Chen, Yu-Chieh
Associate Researcher
Specialty: FPGA image system and image processing
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 572
Email: bjamesch

0567.jpg Dr. Huang, Hung Ji
Associate Researcher
    1. Nano- and Micro- optics
    2. Optical system
    3. Plasmonic optics
    4. Photocatac reactor
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 661
Email: hjhuang

0270.jpg Lee, Yu-Fen
Engineering Assistant
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 208
Email: ivonne

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