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Team Member

Facility Affairs & Services Team

0325.jpg Dr. Shiao, Ming-Hua
Research Fellow / Deputy Division Director
    1. Thin film process and microstructure analysis
    2. Electron microscopy
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext.555
         03-6588760 Ext. 2071
Email: mhshiao

0162.jpg Chiu, Chih-Keng
    1. Eelectricity and Communication Management
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 525
Email: chiu

0391.jpg Chen, Yuh-Ju
    1. Purchase
    2. Construction management
    3. Project Management
    4. Environmental Health and Safety Specialist
    5. Auditor
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 541
Email: joice

0115.jpg Miao Wang
Associate Administrator
    1. Purchase
    2. General Affairs Personnel
    3. Paperwork
    4. Data Files Manager
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 521
Email: miao

0732.jpg Lin, Chien-Ting
Assistant Technologist
    1. Clean room operation and management
    2. Mechanical and HVAC System operation & Maintenance
    3. Electrical system management and operation
    4. Facilities Management Control System
    5. UPW/WWT/PCW system management and operation
    6. Tool hookup activities
    7. Local scrubber management and maintenance
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 218
Email: llin

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