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Team Member

Intelligent Machining Division

0408.jpg Dr. Lin, Yu-Wei
Researcher Fellow / Deputy Division Director
    1. Metal Nitride Hard Coating
    2. Transparent Conductive Oxide Coating
    3. Vacuum Gauge Calibration
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 642
Email: james722

0140.jpg Chou, Hsiao-Yu
Associate Researcher
    1. Laser Interferometry for Measurement and Control
    2. Micro Optical Inspection System
    3. Lithography
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 320
Email: tony

0260.jpg Kuo, Hui-Jean
Associate Researcher
    1. Quality test for image system
    2. ISO/IEC 17025 quality management
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 219
Email: hjkuo

0363.jpg Dr. Huang, Chien-Yao
Associate Researcher
    1. Precision Glass Molding Technique
    2. Characteristic test for optical and mechanical components
    3. ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 27001
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 636
Email: msyz

0409.jpg Chen, Hung-Pin
Associate Researcher
Specialty: Optical Thin film deposition and measurement
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 644
Email: chbin

0413.jpg Wang, Jung-Hsing
Associate Researcher
    1. Analog circuit design
    2. High Voltage circuit design
    3. ADSL and IP Phone H/W Safety Design
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 402
Email: kevin

0449.jpg Dr. Wu, Wen-Hong
Associate Researcher
    1. Optomechanical system design
    2. Automatical optical inspection
    3. Laser machining technology
    4. System control and intergration
    5. Human-machine interface development
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 587
Email: wenhong

0506.jpg Lin, Wei-Cheng
Associate Researcher
Specialty: Optomechanical design and assembly
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 626
Email: youngboys

0578.jpg Chang, Chun-Li
Associate Researcher
    1. Mechanical design
    2. AOI
    3. Human/machine interface
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 590
Email: hankchang

0639.jpg Dr. Chen, Chun-Wei
Associate Engineer
    1. Optimization analysis and design for H.V.A.C.& R.
    2. Optimization analysis and design for Energy system
    3. Load forecast and control
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 314
Email: rich

0813.jpg Chen, Hua-Lin
Assistant Engineer
    1. mechnical design
    2. simulation analysis
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 569
Email: 1609813

0865.jpg Lin, Chen-Yu
Assistant Researcher
    1. Windows Programming
    2. Robotic arm applications
    3. Network communication applications
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 560
Email: 1709865

0792.jpg Chen, Ssu-Yu
Assistant Technologist
Specialty: MCU firmware design
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 211
Email: ssuyu

0259.jpg Shyu, Shu-Cheng
Senior Technician
Specialty: Operation and maintenance of CNC milling machine and wire cutting machine
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 419
Email: nf12388

0276.jpg Lee, Tai-Wen
Senior Technician
Specialty: Operation and maintenance of lathe milling machine and wire cutting machine
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 653
Email: twlee

0501.jpg Chen, Jun-Cheng
Senior Technician
    1. Operation and maintenance of CNC lathe and wire cutting machine
    2. Mechanical design
TEL: 03-5779911 Ext. 652
Email: jc0501

2018/2/5 updated