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TAF Certified Laboratories

Six TAF laboratories of ITRC offer 11 TAF certification items as follows:

Vacuum standard laboratory (TAF laboratory number: 0081)

ITRC's vacuum standard laboratory is the first facility of its kind to receive TAF calibration certification. The laboratory's calibration items include ionic vacuum gauge (KD2002), capacitative vacuum gauge (KD2003), and other vacuum gauge (KD2006). This laboratory serves industry, government, and academic institutions, and issues over 100 calibration reports every year.

Optoelectronic calibration laboratory (TAF laboratory number: 1529 and 2340)

This is the first laboratory to apply for TAF certification after ITRC becomes part of NARLabs. Because it offers certification items including calibration and testing, this facility has two laboratory numbers. Certification items consist of the four items of luminance meter/brightness colorimeter (KG3012, calibration), gloss boards (KG3027, calibration), radius of curvature (O999, testing), and index of refraction (O99, testing). It is the first laboratory in Taiwan to offer radius of curvature and index of refraction certification.

Optical thin film testing laboratory (TAF laboratory number: 1889)

This is the sole laboratory in Taiwan to perform the optical testing items of film reflectance and film transmittance (O001, testing), and provides comprehensive spectrum measurement services to academic and industrial uses.

Electron microscopy standard laboratory (TAF laboratory number: 1957) and scanning probe microscopy standard laboratory (TAF laboratory number: 1958)

These laboratories employ scanning probe microscopes and scanning electron microscopes to provide line distance calibration service for the ranges of 100 nm - 10,000 nm and 80 nm - 2,000 nm (KA2014), and can produce line-distance pitch standards.

2014/6/6 updated