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  • Meet with National Instrument Technology Research Center of Taiwan at Optatec 2016 Booth B50 at Messe Frankfurt!


    Our latest technology will be on display at this trade fair. Optatec 2016 offers you the chance to meet with our representatives, learn about our products, and get answers to all of your questions. See you there!

  • ITRC's major technical progress in optics and photonics has been reported in SPIE Newsroom


    ITRC's novel process to produce spherical and aspheric surfaces, Manufacturing technology for lithography optics has been reported and published in SPIE Newsroom. For more information please refer to SPIE Newsroom.

  • ITRC international collaborative research project result has been published in Best of Advanced Optical Materials issue.


    "Uniaxial-isotropic Metamaterials by Three-Dimensional Split-Ring Resonator", the research result on 3-D metamaterials of the international collaborative team between ITRC and RIKEN has been selected and published in a virtual Best of Advanced Optical Materials issue. Please refer Best of Advanced Optical Materials issue to for more information.

  • The collaborative research between Canada & Taiwan has been published on "Physics in Canada"


    The collaborative project research of 360-degree side-view endoscope objective between ITRC and Prof. Qiyin Fang from McMaster University has been published on "Physics in Canada". More information please refer to P.18-20, Vol.71 (No. 1), 2015 "Physics in Canada"

  • iFOVAS team develops technology to help doctors in surgery


    Developed by National Taiwan University, National Taiwan University Hospital, Wang Fang Municipal Hospital, and Instrument Technology Research Center, NARLabs, the indocyanine green fluorescence on-site Visualization and Assessment System (iFOVAS) is an intraoperative fluorescence imaging system that allows surgeons to work without having to repeatedly look at the injected florescence dye and determine the surgery sites through a monitor during an operation. [more...]

Taiwan develops the world's first imaging system to spot bleeding under the skin (2016/04/12)


Taiwan's forensic technology has made a huge breakthrough as the National Applied Research Laboratories developed the world's first imaging system that can identify bleeding under the skin that was previously invisible to the eye. The world's top forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee believes this new technology will be a great aide to forensic investigation. [more]

Biotech Take-off! NTU and NARLabs Collaboratively Launches Cutting-Edge Medical Devices to Revitalize the Biotechnology Industry from SPARK Program


In response to the active promotion of the biotech industry by Taiwan government, National Taiwan University plans to model "NTU SPARK Translational Research Program" after Stanford SPARK Program, well-known as the cradle of American biotech industry, to establish training modules, courses and consultants. [more]

ICG Fluorescence Onsite Visualization and Assessment System (iFOVAS) for Guiding Surgery


A multidisciplinary team from National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH), Instrument Technology Research Center, National Applied Research Laboratories (ITRC, NARLabs), NTU CS/Information Department, and Wanfang Hospital announced a state-of-the-art imaging system, called ICG Fluorescence Onsite Visualization and Assessment System (iFOVAS), for optical guiding surgery. [more]

New Phase on the Localization of Taiwan Semiconductor Equipment Industry: Chip Defect Inspection System


Taiwan stands out with semiconductor industry; however, most of the equipment for manufacturing, inspection and packaging is imported. In order to enhance the equipment technology for domestic enterprises, Instrument Technology Research Center (ITRC) of NARLabs has dedicated to delivering customized automated optical inspection systems to semiconductor and LED industries.[more]

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